Maintenance Release for Instructional Materials Management



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Frontline Education is pleased to announce the latest maintenance release for Instructional Materials Management (formerly TIPWeb-IM), which includes the following:

Change Note
Audit management Fixed an error when scrolling on the Warehouse tab
Audit management Repaired the data export to Excel which previously caused issues with the download
Audit management Fixed PDF render for Warehouse Audit Report
Deleting titles Added exception when deleting titles for unhandled errors
User management Allow district users to view user passwords
Collect by accession Added exception for unhandled error under Quick Entry > Collect by Accession
Quick entry Fixed accessions with alphanumeric characters causing errors
Student/teacher distributions Accession numbers with dashes are now accepted
Change teachers distributions to lost Added unhandled error under Tools > Closing > Change Teacher Distribution to Lost when selecting a title
Change student distributions to lost Added unhandled error under Tools > Closing > Change Student Distribution to Lost when selecting a title
Transfer button for assigned textbooks Disabled the transfer icon when the textbook status is anything other than Distributed Under Teachers > Select Teacher > Transfer
Assessed charges Allow user to edit charge (edit, make a payment, or clear charged on archived textbooks)
Campus requisition Repaired the ability to select a title when creating a requisition
Campus requisition Correctly display outstanding/backorders details under Textbooks > Inventory
Campus requisition Removed additional drop-downs that appear on single campus search
Student textbook status report Removed duplicates from output in Student Textbook Details Report
Components listing report Addressed column name issue in Component Listing Report under Textbooks > Details
Add new campus page Repaired previous/back button to move to the previous page from Campus > Add/Edit Page