Audits: 3-Part Webinar Series



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This 3-part webinar series dives into the audit process, including preparation, creating and conducting an audit, adjusting an audit, best practices, and more.

Be sure to check out the article on Audits for more details about the audit process.

Preparation, Best Practices, and Creating Your Audit

Audits are the automated process by which a district requests a campus to examine, record, and officially verify their campus’ inventory counts for selected district tracked items within Instructional Materials Management.


Conducting, Editing, and Submitting Your Audit


Create Audit Adjustments and Finalize

Create Audit Adjustments and Finalize allows a district user to finalize an audit or create campus adjustments from the overages and shortages within an audit and then finalize it . A district level digital signature is required to Finalize any audit and the digital signature will be displayed on the Campus Audit Report.