Student Information System Changes plus Asset Management and Instructional Materials Management Audit Series are Now Available



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Student Information System Changes

Each year many districts decide to change Student Information Systems.  While we understand the task is a large change to the district, it can also cause issues during distribution time as some SIS Integrations require possible different formats and or can change the IDs of student, teacher and staff causing duplications in your applications.  To avoid this, please inform support as soon as possible.

Areas of possible changes

If you are changing student information systems, please immediately contact support to discuss possible format changes or API availability.

If you have a change to your IP/Range (public) you may lose access to place your nightly import files to our server as they are firewall restricted.  Immediately contact with your new IP/Range to avoid failed connections.

Asset Management - Audit Series

This 4-part webinar series dives into the audit process, including planning your audit, conducting your audit, reconciliation, staff run audits, and more.

Click here to start this 4-part series.

Instructional Materials Management - Audit Series

This 3-part webinar series dives into the audit process, including preparation, creating and conducting an audit, adjusting an audit, best practices and more. Click here to take you to the series. 

If you need more information on the audit process click here for additional information.