Archiving Inventory (Tags)



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Archiving Inventory (Tags) in Asset Management

There are two ways to archive inventory in Asset Management.

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Assets that are no longer being used for various reasons can be removed from active inventory counts by being archived. Archived assets are removed from active inventory counts based on a specific Site, Status and Status Date.

Note: After tags have been archived, they can be viewed in "Archived Inventory Report (Tags Grid)":


They can also be viewed within "Tag Search" (archived field displays detailed archive information in red):


Archiving Inventory via Archive Tool

The "Archive Inventory" feature is accessible in the Administrative View and requires Administrator credentials. Tags with a status of "Auctioned," "Disposed," "Lost," "Returned to Vendor," "Sold," "Stolen," "Surplus" and/or "Used for Parts" qualify for the archiving process.

Steps to Archive Inventory

  1. Click on Archive Inventory, located in the "Quick Links Tools" menu. The "Archive Inventory" window opens.



  1. (Required) Select the desired tag Status(es) from the "Status" drop-down field.
  2. (Required) Select the desired Prior to Date.
  3. (Required) Select the desired Site(s) from the "Site" drop-down field.
  4. Enter any notes regarding this batch of archived tags.
  5. Click Confirm. The "Archive Inventory" window opens with the number of tags selected to be archived.
  6. Click on Picture1.png Tag(s) Selected for Archive to open a CSV report and review the tags selected to be archived.
  7. Confirm the number of tags selected to archive by typing the tag count into the “Confirm the count by typing it here” field.


  1. Click Confirm.
  2. Wait until you see the message indicating the archive is successful, then click OK to close the "Archive Inventory" window.


Archiving Inventory via Tags Grid

Archive tags via the Tags Grid to remove a specific list of Assets from the application. Archived Tags will no longer be included in any reports or statistical graphs within the application. You will still be able to view the "Tag Information" window for any archived asset.

This feature is accessible in the Administrative View Tags Grid and requires Administrator credentials.

Steps to Archive Inventory

  1. Navigate to the Tags. Using advanced filters, set the criteria to find the tags needing to be archived, then click the Go button to view the tags in the filter results.
Caution: It is important that only the tags that will be archived are showing in the results grid.


  1. Once the tags grid has been populated, choose the Picture2.png Bulk Edit option to open the "Bulk Edit" window.
  2. In the Bulk Edit Details box, choose "Status" as the field to edit. The number of tags to be archived will be displayed in the Tag Details box.
  3. In the Update Records To drop-down, choose the tag status to be archived (e.g., "Disposed," "Surplus," etc.).


  1. Make sure the Archive Records checkbox is checked.
  2. Include any relevant notes in the Status Notes field.
  3. Click the Go button to archive the tags.