Customizing the Site User Dashboard



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Asset Management allows each user with "Site View" permissions to customize the reports in each home.png Home dashboard panel as well as changing or updating user.png User Profile information.

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Customizing Dashboard Panels

The Home page dashboard consists of four customizable panels of specialized information that populate when the Home page is accessed. Panel options may include statistics, tag distributions, alert notifications, or tag status changes.

The dashboard initially is the same for all users. As a user updates the dashboard, it becomes specific to that user. The user’s customized preferences are applied to any site they have permission to access.

Dashboard preferences may be different at the administrative and site level.

  1. Click the gear.png Panel Settings icon in the upper right corner of the respective panel. The "Panel Settings" window opens.
  2. Select the respective panel from the Panel Display drop-down menu. If no panel is desired, select None.
     Example: Select Notifications for a list of notifications about what is currently happening with inventory within the user’s site. Filter information, if required.
  1. Click on save.png Save. The dashboard updates to reflect the changes.

User Profile Settings

User Profile Settings allows users to view and update profile information and change their login password.

  1. Click user.png User in the upper right corner of the screen. A drop-down list displays the options Profile Setting and Log Off.
  2. Click on gear2.png Profile Settings to Edit Contact Information and Reset Password.
  3. Click on useredit.png Edit Contact Information. The "Profile Details" window opens.
  4. Enter the updated information.
  5. Click on save.png Save. The "Profile Details" window updates with saved information.
  6. For resetting password (if your district does not use single-sign on), click on password.png Reset Password. The "Profile Details" window opens.
    1. Enter the new password in the New Password and Confirm Password fields.
    2. Click on save.png Save. The "Profile Details" window updates with saved information.
  7. Click on x.png Close to close the "Profile Details" window.