Filtering Records in Asset Management



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Asset Management allows for keyword and drop-down selection filtering in any table (grid) throughout the application. Filtering allows a user to separate respective data from the whole data list. This process does not remove data from the application but provides a quick way to find/view the respective data.

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There is no need to press the keyboard "Enter" key when using dropdown menus.

Applying Grid Filters

Most Asset Management grids have filters below the grid headers. You may enter and/or select from available drop-down menus to activate a search using the filter(s) provided. The following example uses the "Catalog" grid.


  1. Review the grid headers and determine necessary filters for the respective data.
  2. Under the filter header, enter the filter criteria under the desired header, then press Enter on the keyboard.

In the following image, we filtered by Product Type of “LCD projector” and narrowed the information to four possible LCD projectors. We can easily see the Sharp model.


  1. Populate multiple filters to narrow the information further, if necessary.

Understanding the "Tags" Grid Filter Controls

Basic Filters

Basic filters are used for sorting specific tag information. There are two different basic filter controls:

 Combo dropbox: Displays when there are less than 25 items from which to select.


  Autocomplete box: Displays when there are more than 25 items from which to select.
Enter text into the field to select results.


Advanced Filters

Advanced filters are used for sorting specific tag information. There are two advanced filter controls:

Tag or Serial List – Allows a user to filter by a specific tag or serial number. Tag or serial numbers can be added by typing or scanning. Up to 500 tags or serial numbers can be searched for at one time.


Custom Filters

Use addexpression.png Add Expression and/or addgroup.png Add Group to identify the desired filter(s).

  "And/Or" statements   Add Expression
  Add Group   Filter Group


Filter the "Tags" grid using any of the column headers/filter settings, including (under Add Expression):

 Contains  Equal To  Greater Than or Equal To  Is Empty
 Does Not Contain  Not Equal To  Less Than or Equal To  Not Is Empty
 Starts With  Greater Than  Between  Is Null
 Ends With  Less Than  Not Between  Not Is Null

Link filter expressions and/or groups with the four "And/Or" statements (including "And," "Or," "Not And," and "Not Or"). When finished adding tags, click go.png Apply Filters.

From this point, you have the option of editing columns, performing a bulk edit, performing a quick transfer, or e-mailing a report.