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Transfers Overview

Asset Management allows items to be moved from one site to another through Site-to-Site Transfers.  Transfers progress through statuses of "New", "Submitted", "In Transit", "Receiving", and "Complete", each step allowing for documentation of chain of custody. 

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Three Ways a Transfer Can Take Place

Site-to-Site transfers are broken into 3 categories, Site-to-Site, Warehouse-to-Site and Site-to Warehouse. Below is a visual overview of the three ways a transfer can take place.


Transfer Attributes

Driver Notifications on the Home page quickly communicate transfers assigned to the respective driver (includes alerts regarding warehouse deliveries and site pickups). Clicking on a Driver Notification opens a window listing each respective transfer assigned to the driver.


Transfer Notes communicating specific details about a transfer can be added when initiating a transfer. They can be edited in various stages of the transfer: while the transfer is in the status of New, Pending Approval or Submitted (for Site-to-Site Transfers or Site to Warehouse Transfers); and while the transfer is in the status of New, Pending Approval, Submitted, Delayed or Scheduled (for Warehouse to Site Transfers). Notes will display username of note creator, time and date created. ONLY the note creator can edit or delete a note they have posted.

Transfer Approvals and Workflows

Approvals may be required for two reasons (established by the district level):

  1. A district-wide rule to require the destination site’s administrator(s) to approve any items intended to be shipped to their site. It is possible for this approval process to occur twice before the transfer can be received by the destination site.
  2. A restricted Funding Source is associated with one or more tags and requires the identified Asset Management user to approve its addition to the transfer in order to be shipped from its current location.

Approval workflows may be configured in the User Management grid, this preference defines the approval or sign-off levels for the transfer of items. The approval workflow allows for up to 5 user approvals for a transfer before it can be shipped. Approval is based on user type or specific individuals.


  • If the transfer has an approval workflow, when the transfer reaches a status of "Pending Approval," the appropriate e-mail notifications, if set, will be sent out. When a user looks at a transfer, they will see an approval progress indicator.
  • A lock.png lock indicates approval is still required from an appropriate individual, approval has been received from an appropriate individual, and that the transfer is for an approval level that is not yet available. Any of the appropriate individuals can deny the transfer.