User Timeouts



None assigned

Asset Management will automatically log users out of the application after a period of inactivity (default: 15 minutes).

Timeout Warning

Prior to the automatic logout, Asset Management warns the user they are about to be logged out. As soon as the warning window appears, it begins a countdown starting at two minutes. Within the two-minute window, users can continue their current session by selecting Yes. If the user does not wish to continue their session, they can select No or wait for the timeout to count down. The following is a sample warning notice:


Timeout Notification

If the two-minute timeout warning is allowed to expire, Asset Management automatically logs the user out of the application. A notice appears to inform the user this has occurred. The user clicks OK and is then presented with the Asset Management login screen. The following is a sample timeout notice:


Note: Administrators in the administrative view can extend "Idle Timeout" under the "District Settings Timeout Control." Administrators have the option of increments up to 40 hours. These changes will affect all users within the district.