Site-to-Site Transfer Ticket



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This article discusses site-to-site ticket transfer.

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The "Transfer Ticket" contains the following:

  • List of the product(s) and respective tag numbers included in the site-to-site transfer. 
  • "Notes" section where the initiating site communicates transfer details to the receiving site.
  • Digital signatures and any updates made to the transfers throughout its lifecycle.

Updates made to the transfer appear on the "Transfer Ticket" in the sections "Ready for Pickup," "Pickup Postponed," and "Removed from the Transfer." 

Print a Copy of a Transfer Ticket

"Transfer Ticket" can be printed by either site involved in the transfer at any point during the transfer.

  1. Locate the correct transfer in Initiate Transfer, Receive Transfer, or Transfer History in the “Transfer Tools Quick Links” menu.
  2. Enter the transfer number in the Transfer # field or click on search.png Search to find and select the appropriate transfer.
  3. Click on scroll.png Print Transfer Ticket in the "Actions" section.  The "Transfer Ticket" opens in the "Review Transfer" window.
  4. Select check.png Display Images to display catalog images of the product on the "Transfer Ticket."
  5. Using the PDF reader’s controls, print out the "Transfer Ticket."
  6. Click on done.png Done to close the "Transfer Ticket."
  7. Click on x.png Close to close the "Receive Transfer" window.