Receiving a Site-to-Site Transfer



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Asset Management allows items to be moved from one site to another through a process called "Site-to-Site Transfers." The site currently storing the items initiates the transfer and the destination site receives the transfer.

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  3. Transfer Tools

Transfers can contain tagged and untagged items. Asset Management allows you to receive both kinds of items into their respective locations without leaving the "Receive Transfer" window.

"Transfer Notes" communicating specific details about a transfer can be added when initiating a transfer. They can be edited in various stages of the transfer: while the transfer is in the status of "New," "Pending Approval," or "Submitted" (for Site-to-Site Transfers or Site-to-Warehouse Transfers), and while the transfer is in the status of "New," "Pending Approval," "Submitted," "Delayed," or "Scheduled" (for Warehouse-to-Site Transfers). "Transfer Notes" will display username of the note creator and the time and date created. Only the note creator can edit or delete a note they have posted.

Receiving a Transfer

Printed "Transfer Tickets" may be sent with the transferred items. These tickets can assist the user at the destination site in finding the correct transfer and verifying items and quantity received.

  1. Click the Transfers Ready to be Received link in the "Notifications" panel of the Home page dashboard. The "Transfers Ready to be Received" window opens.
  2. When receiving transfers using "Receive Transfer" under the "Transfer Tools Quick Links," the "Transfer Search" window opens. Hide transfers in the status of "Complete" by deselecting checkfill.png "Show Completed," located above the blue grid header.
  3. Locate the respective transfer and select editcontainer.png View Transfer under the "Actions" column. The “Receive Transfer Window” opens.


  1. The "Transfer Ticket" contains the tag numbers in the respective site-to-site transfer. If you require another copy of the "Transfer Ticket," select scroll.png Print Transfer Ticket on the "Receive Transfer" window.
  2. Click on Sign Transfer Ticket to begin the receiving process.
    1. Use your mouse or touch the screen to digitally sign, then click approve.png Accept Signature.
    2. Enter name of receiver and click approve.png Complete Signature.
  3. Click Tagged Inventory to expand that section and begin the process of verifying received tagged items.
  4. Select the respective Room for item placement using the Room drop-down menu.
  5. Select the Status of the item(s) being received or select check.png Use Previous Tag Status.
  6. Enter/scan the Tag Number or Serial Number into the Tag/Serial field. If you manually enter the number, click on save.png Receive to issue this item to the respective room.
  7. Continue to enter/scan tag numbers until the check icon (indicates all tags for this product received), located under the "Complete" column, turns green for each tagged product on the transfer.
  8. For transfer notes, click on Transfer Notes to expand this section. Type any notes regarding the transfer in the text box.

For Untagged Items

  1. Enter the container number into the Container field or search.png Search for the container number.
  2. Click on save.png Receive Container Inventory.
  3. Continue to enter/scan tag numbers or serial numbers until the check icon (indicates all tags for this product received), located under the "Complete" column turns green for each tagged product on the transfer.
  4. Click on x.png Close to close the "Receive Transfer" window.

The "Transfer Ticket" remains with a status of "In Transit" until all items are received. Once the items are received, the status changes to "Complete."