Initiate a Site-to-Warehouse Transfer



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Asset Management allows items to be moved from one site to a warehouse through a process called "Site-to-Site Transfers." The site currently storing the items initiates the transfer by identifying each tag, and the destination warehouse receives the transfer by confirming each tag received.

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Site-to-Warehouse transfers do not allow tags in the status of "Lost" or "Stolen" to be transferred. Scanning or typing one of these tag numbers into the transfer will result in an error and the tag status will need to be updated to successfully add it to the transfer.

  1. Click on Initiate Transfer under "Transfer Tools Quick Links." The "Initiate Transfer" window opens.
  2. Select the warehouse receiving the item(s) from the Destination drop-down menu. The "Transfer to Warehouse" confirmation window opens.


  1. Click Confirm.
  2. Click on go.pngCreate New Transfer to the right of the "Destination" field. The “Initiate Transfer Window” opens.


  1. For tagged items, enter/scan the Tag Number or Serial Number into the Tag/Serial field, located in the "Tagged Inventory to Transfer" section. If the tag(s) added to the transfer are an "Asset Type" of "Component" or "Parent," an additional warning screen will display to verify the transaction. Review "Components Overview" for more details.
  2. For untagged items, click on Untagged Inventory to Transfer to expand this section.
  3. Enter/scan the product number in the Product Number field OR search.png Search to select the respective untagged product.
  4. Enter an alpha/numeric value in the Identifier field. The Identifier is an alphanumeric value of up to 25 characters (such as a serial number) used to provide extra identifying information for untagged inventory. The Identifier is associated with the quantity of the untagged inventory entered. No two quantities of the same product can have the same Identifier.
  5. Enter the quantity to transfer into the Quantity field.
  6. Click on save2.png Add Untagged Inventory.
  7. For transfer notes, click on Transfer Notes to expand this section. Type any notes regarding the transfer in the text box.
Note: "Transfer Notes" communicating specific details about a transfer can be added when initiating a transfer. They can be edited in various stages of the transfer: while the transfer is in the status of New, Pending Approval or Submitted (for Site-to-Site Transfers or Site-to-Warehouse Transfers); and while the transfer is in the status of New, Pending Approval, Submitted, Delayed or Scheduled (for Warehouse-to-Site Transfers).
  1. Click save.png Save. A “Transfer Notes Saved” message displays.
  2. Click Submit Transfer at the top right side of the "Initiate Transfer" window, located in the "Actions" section. This puts the transfer in the status of "Submitted." (If the user submitting the transfer also has permissions to approval the transfer, or the transfer does not require approval, the transfer will be in a status of "Approved").
  3. It is now up to the warehouse to schedule and pick up the items on your transfer. You can return to the transfer via the Initiate Transfer quick link to see any changes in the status.
  4. Click Print Transfer Ticket if a printed ticket is desired.
  5. Click on x.png Close to close the "Initiate Transfer" window.

The transfer ticket remains with a status of “Approved” until all items are received in full. Once the items are received, the status changes to "Complete."