Transfer History Reports



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Asset Management allows items to be moved from site to site through site process only transfers (Site-to-Site, Site-to-Warehouse, and Warehouse-to-Site) and administrative only process (Quick Transfers).

  1.  Navigation:
  2. Admin/Site/Warehouse View
  3. Transfers Tool

The Transfer History window allows an administrator to search for, view, and print a Transfer Report for all site-to-site transfers (in any status) throughout the district.

Transfer Condition Report Includes:
Pending approval or has been approved Approved By and Approved On date.
Edited Last Edited By and Last Edited On date.
Denied Denied By and Denied On date.
Initiating site has added delivery instructions to the transfer Notes will be included on the Transfer Ticket, just below the From/To boxes.

Review a Site-to-Site Transfer Ticket

  1. Under “Admin Tools Quick Links”, click Transfer History to open the Transfer History window.
  2. Filter for the respective site-to-site transfer.
  3. On the site-to-site transfer's row, click Report.gif Print Transfer Report to display the Transfer Ticket.
  4. Print or Save the ticket as desired.
  5. Click Cancel.gif Done to close the Transfer Ticket view.
  6. Click Close to close the Transfer History window.