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Adding Assets via Room Initialization

"Initialize Room Inventory" is a process by which a district can add existing assets to Asset Management. Although it is best practice to add assets via the recording of a purchase order, there are circumstances in which "Room Initialization" is an effective alternative. For example, an asset may have been missed during the data conversion process, or someone might donate an asset to the district. This process will always start in "Site View," at the "Site" and in the "Room" where the asset currently resides.

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Initialize Items to a Room

The following steps require tags for each item initialized.

  1. Click on rooms.png Rooms, located in the top navigation bar.
  2. Filter for the room for which you wish to initialize products.
  3. Click on Initialize.gif Initialize Room Inventory, located in the room's respective row. The "Initialize Room Inventory" window opens.


  1. Locate the product in the printed product catalog and scan the "Product Number" barcode into the Product Number field, or use search.png Search to select the desired product.
  2. Select the Funding Source for the item you are initializing using the drop-down menu.
  3. Select the Status of the item:
    • Available - Assigns this item to this room for the purpose of later issuing it to an individual or another room.
    • In Use - Assigns this item to this room and designates it is not available to issue to another room, staff, or student.
  1. Locate the item's tag and enter/scan it into the Tag
  2. If a serial number is required, enter/scan the serial number of this item into the Serial field.
  3. Once successfully initialized, the item appears in the "Scan History for Today" grid.
  4. Click done.png Done to close the "Initialize Room Inventory" window.

Unlock Product Number

If you wish to initialize different products to the same room without leaving the “Initialize Room Inventory” window, you will need to unlock the "Product Number" field when you are ready to start scanning tags for a different product.

  1. The "Product Number" field retains the last product number selected. Click on lock.png Locked, located to the right of the "Product Number" field. This will unlock the "Product Number" field and the icon will change to unlock.png Unlocked.
  2. Click search.png Search to search the "Catalog." If you have a printed product catalog, locate the next "Product Number" barcode and scan the barcode into the unlocked Product Number field. The Product Number field will become locked again. This allows you to initialize multiples of this product with just one scan of the product number.
  3. Click SELECT to select the desired product from the "Catalog."
  4. Continue adding the Funding Source, Status, Tag, and Serial fields for the assets in this room that match the "Product Number."


  • "Tags" are the unique identifiers used to track items within Asset Management. Tags are affixed to each item you wish to track. If you currently have asset tags that could serve as your Asset Management tag numbers (unique identifiers), you will not need to print Asset Management tags.
  • Districts with the "Departments" feature enabled will be asked to assign each tag to a specific department.
  • Scanner requirements include using a scanner that is programmed to read symbology 128A. Contact Frontline Education for more information and/or current scanning equipment available to purchase.