Attach a File to a Tag



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Tag Search is available in the top navigation bar. It allows a user to search for a specific tag or an item's serial number (a minimum of 3 digits are required), review details regarding that tag, and edit tag specific information. To change the status of a tag, review Change Tag Status.

  1.  Navigation:
  2. Admin/Site/Warehouse View
  3. Tag Information Window


  1. On the top navigation bar, click within the Tag/Serial Search field. search_field.png
  2. Enter/scan the tag number of the intended Parent tag. This can consist of alphabetic or numeric characters.
  3. Click search.png Search or hit the Enter key. The Tag Information window opens to display the tag details. 
  4. Click the Attachments tab. 
  5. Click plus_sign.png Add Attachment to open the window. 
  6. Click Browse to search for and select the respective file. 
  7. Enter any necessary notes in the Notes field (optional). 
  8. Click save.png Save to close the Add Attachment window. The Attachment tab updates. 
  9. Click close.png Close to close the Tag Information Window.