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Sites is the Asset Management area which allows you to add the locations (sites) to which you will issue and account for items. Normally, a site will correspond to a physical address where a building or group of buildings that make up a campus or district administrative offices. A site is where we might find an asset during an audit. It is helpful to enter as much site related information into Asset Management as you have available.

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Add a Site

  1. in the top navigation bar, click sites.png Sites.
  2. Click plus_sign.png Add Record.
  3. Enter the Site ID, Site Name, and Site Type in the respective fields.
  4. Enter additional information about the site in the remaining fields, if desired. Red fields are required.
  5. Select/deselect the check box next to Designated Transfer Site and Warehouse to enable/disable those features. Once activated, a “Warehouse” cannot be deactivated.
  6. Click save.png Add.

Edit a Site

  1. On the top navigation bar, click sites.png Sites.
  2. Filter for the respective site.
  3. On the site's row, click edit.png Edit.
  4. Update the respective information. Site ID is not available to edit.
  5. Select/deselect the check box next to Active to deactivate a site.
  6. Click save.png Update.

Site Types

Site Types are general categories used to identify different kinds of sites within your district.  Examples of Site Types include Elementary Campus, Middle School Campus, Print Services, and Administration. Site Types are very helpful when searching and reporting on assets in your district.

Add a Site Type

  1. On the top navigation bar, click sites.png Sites.
  2. Under Management Quick Links, click Site Types to open the Manage Site Types window.
  3. Click plus_sign.png Add Record.
  4. Enter the Site Type and/or Description in the respective fields. Red fields are required.
  5. Click plus_sign.png Add.
  6. Click close.png Close to close Manage Site Types.