1.17 TIPWeb-IT with RFID Mobile Release



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Frontline Education is excited to announce the release of TIPWeb-IT with RFID (version 1.17) for iOS and Android. This latest release brings some of the primary workflows of create and view help desk tickets.

Details and Notes

Release Date: March 2, 2023

Download 1.17 Release Notes

Release Overview

Highlights include:

  • View Help Desk Tickets
  • Create Help Desk Tickets

View Help Desk Tickets

When a user logs into TIPWeb-IT with RFID mobile application, the user will be able to view tickets from the Help Desk.

Upon logging into the app, the user will click on Manage tags.


Once the user clicks on View Help Desk Tickets, all tickets will be present for the user to view.

All tickets will show. The tickets can be sorted by "Problem Type," "Assigned To," "Status," "Priority," "Site," "Room," and "Last Edited." Once sorted, the fields can be further sorted by ascending or descending. To reset the filters, the user can click on the reset button on the right side of the page.


Other Considerations

  • Tickets follow Help Desk rules for who can view tickets:
    • Help Desk Admin can view all tickets
    • Help Desk Technician can view tickets they have access to in Help Desk
    • Users can only see their tickets
  • Tickets cannot be edited on this view
  • Custom fields are not viewable or editable on mobile
  • Comments are not viewable or editable on mobile
  • Statuses cannot be changed on mobile view
  • If the district changes the priorities, the mobile app will use the default priorities for the symbols
  • Symbols for priority are as follows:
    • low.png Low
    • medium.png Medium
    • high.png High
    • critical.png Critical

Create Help Desk Tickets

All TIPWeb-IT with RFID user will now have the access to create Help Desk tickets.

When the user navigates to Manage > View, there will be a + to create a new ticket


After the + has been clicked, the user will be prompted to choose a "Problem Type" (customized by the district). "Problem Types" will be shown based on the users permission. Admin and Technicians can see all "Problem Types," whereas Staff, Students, and General Users may only be able to see specific "Problem Types" as designated by the district in Help Desk.

Users will then be taken to a page to input ticket details for the creation of the ticket. Ticket templates set up by the district will be present during ticket creation, including custom fields.


Other Considerations

  • The "Create Ticket" form will open as a web page inside the app
  • Once the ticket is created, it will be in the "View Tickets" page on the app
  • Once the user hits Confirm, the page will navigate to the web view of the ticket where the end user will have more capabilities than in the downloaded app. After the user moves away from that page, they cannot get back to it.

System Requirements and Devices


  • iOS 14 and 15 for iPhone
  • iPadOS 14 and 15 for iPad 


  • 9, 10, 11 for various devices