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The Archive feature is accessible in the Administrative View and requires Administrator credentials. Archived inventory, products, staff, and student records will no longer be included in any report or search results within Asset Management.

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 First Steps: Review the articles below to see how to archive each type of record:

Archived Inventory Reports

Once assets have been archived you are able to pull a report showing detail of those archived assets in the Tags grid by choosing the Archived Inventory report from the results filter reports dropdown.

  1. Click on Tags_24.gif Tags located on the top navigation bar.
  2. Click the Please Select Tag Report drop-down menu, located above the blue grid header.
  3. Select Archived Inventory under the "Excel" menu subcategory.
  4. If prompted “Do you want to open or save ArchivedInventory.csv…”, click on Open. The Archived Inventory opens within Microsoft Excel. If your browser does not prompt you to open the file, check your download folder.