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The Tag Export file is accessible by any user logged in with Administrative or Site View permissions. The user must navigate to each site individually to run this export, the export is not available in a Warehouse.

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The Tag Export, in CSV format, is a complete listing of the tags within Asset Management respective to site views. It has detailed information regarding each tag, including:

  • Where each Tag is located:
    • Site Name & Site ID
    • Location Description, Location ID, & Location Type
    • Room Description
    • Region
    • Facility ID
    • Grade
    • Email
    • Parent Email
    • Transfer Number
  • What kind of item each Tag is tracking:
    • Product Name & Product Number
    • Product Type
    • Product Description
    • Model
    • SKU
    • Manufacturer
    • 3 possible Product Other Fields' information
    • Suggested Price
    • Model End of Life
  • Each Tag's specific information:
    • Tag Number
    • Active or Inactive
    • Asset Type (Standalone, Parent, or Component)
    • Status o Department Assigned (if Department feature enable)
    • 4 possible Tag Custom Fields' information
    • Last Scan Date & Last Scan By
    • Last Audit Scan Date & Last Audit Scan By
    • Projected Life
    • Expiration Date
    • Serial Number
    • Asset UID
    • Area
    • Serial Required
    • Parent Tag Destination
    • Tag Notes
    • Due Date
    • RFID
    • Asset Condition
    • Police Report #
    • Last Audit Date
    • Last Audit By
    • Staff Status
    • Installation Site, Installation Room, and Installation Date
  • Each tag's inventory & funding history:
    • Source (Initial or Order)
    • Order Number, if applicable
    • Funding Source
    • Account Code
    • Vendor, if applicable
    • Purchase Price & Purchase Date
    • FRN
    • State Funding %
    • Federal Funding %
    • Invoice Date
    • Invoice Number
  • Mobile Device Management Integrated Fields (if applicable)
    • Device Name
    • Last Login Date
    • Last Login User
    • Last Seen Date
    • External IP
    • Internal IP
    • LAT/LONG
    • MAC Address
    • MDM Status
    • OS

Export the Tag Export File

  1. In the Site Tools Quick Links menu, click on Tag Export.
  2. The following message displays: “Tag Export will take several minutes to generate and cannot be selected again until it is complete. Please click on ‘OK’ to proceed”. Click OK.
  3. If prompted “Do you want to open or save TagExport.csv…”, click on Open. The Tag Export file opens within Microsoft Excel.

Notes: For customers with the Departments Feature enabled, Departments will display on the Tag Export Report.

Asset UID is available for customers with an asset integration setup (paid add-on to Asset Management) and displays the unique asset number brought into Asset Management from the district's integration files (usually sourced from the district's financial or fixed asset system).