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Add New Product to Catalog from Purchasing

Asset Management allows administrators to add new products to the catalog through the Purchasing menu option on the top navigation bar. This process allows you to record essential product data (product number, product name, manufacturer, model, product type, area, SKU, model end of life, projected life, suggested price, serial required, allow untagged, active, notes).

  1.  Navigation:
  2. Admin View
  3. Purchasing

Add a New Product to Catalog from a Purchase Order

  1. On the top navigation bar, click Purchasing.gif Purchasing.
  2. Filter the Purchasing grid to locate the respective purchase order.
  3. Click on the respective purchase order's row to expand the grid.
  4. In the Products Tab, click plus_sign.png Add Record.
  5. Click Search to search for the product number. The “Search Products” window opens. SearchProduct.PNG
  6. If the product is not in the catalog, click plus_sign.png Add New Product. The “Create New Product” window opens. CreateProduct.PNG
  7. The product number field is auto-populated. Red fields are required.
  8. Enter a unique product name.
  9. Next to the respective field drop-down menu, click edit.png Edit to add manufacturers, product types, and areas.
  10. Enter the remaining product details.
  11. Click save.png Save to add the product to the catalog.