Acquire Floating Staff and Issue Item



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This process allows a site to issue an item to a staff member who "floats" between multiple sites.

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If the staff member does not currently reside in your site's staff grid (your site may not be listed as the staff member's "home" site in your district's student information system), you can acquire the individual through the Quick Issue to Staff screen. Once the item has been issued, the item will be in the status of In Use.

After the item you issued to this floating staff member has been collected, the staff member will no longer appear on your staff grid.

Acquire and Issue an Item to a Floating Staff Member

  1. Located in the Site Tools Quick Links menu, click Issue to Staff. The Issue Inventory window opens.
  2. Enter/scan the staff member's ID number in the Staff ID field.
  3. If the ID is located within your district's staff data, the Staff Not Found window opens and displays the following message: "The Staff ID entered does not exist at your site. Click OK to add this staff member and continue." Click OK to acquire the staff member to your site.
  4. If multiple tags are to be issued to the same staff member, select the unlock_16.gif Lock icon next to the Staff ID field. This allows you to scan all the tag numbers without entering the same staff member's ID for each tag.
  5. Enter/scan the tag number to be issued in the Tag field.
  6. Click SaveAs.gif Save. The district-wide Current Inventory for this staff member is displayed in the bottom grid. It displays all tags issued from all sites to this staff member.
  7. If desired, collect a digital signature to generate a distribution receipt by selecting Full Distribution Receipt from the “Please Select Inventory Report” dropdown menu. Today's Transaction Receipt only displays the items issued or collected today (district wide). All other items on the staff member's account, including those items issued or collected today, are available on the Full Transaction Receipt (district wide).
  8. Click Cancel.gif Done to close the Issue Inventory window.