Reconcile a Room Audit



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Once a "Room Audit" is in the status of "Scan Complete," the site can quickly take action on each tag in the state of "Missing" or "Misplaced" or take no action at all. If a tag is "Missing," the site can change the status of the tag. If a tag is "Misplaced," the tag can be collected to the room. Once all tags have had an action taken regarding their respective audit state, the audit can be closed.

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  2. Site/Warehouse View
  3. Rooms

"Site Users" are restricted from this process.

"Site Administrators" can only reconcile site created audits in a status of "Scan Complete."

  1. Click on rooms.png Rooms, located in the top navigation bar.
  2. Filter to find the respective room where the audit currently resides.
  3. Click on the respective row to expand the grid.
  4. Click the Audits tab.
  5. Click on detailedinventory.png Audit Details, located under the "Actions" column on the row of the respective "Scan Complete" audit. The "Room Audit Details" window opens.


  1. Use the search fields to identify which tag to take action on, or start at the top of the grid to take action on each "Missing" or "Misplaced" tag.
  2. Click on the Select Action drop-down menu in the respective tag’s row.
    • After an action has been taken, the respective tag will be sorted to the bottom of the "Room Audit Details" grid.
    • "Missing" tags - Choose No Action and supply notes about why no action is being taken, OR choose to change the tag’s status to "Lost"
    • "Misplaced" tags - Choose No Action and supply notes about why no action is being taken, OR choose to Collect the tag to the current room (the tag will be in the status of "Available").
  3. After taking action on desired items, click on wrapup.png Wrap Up Audit to set all remaining tags to "No Action" and supply notes about why no action is being taken for the remaining tags
    • This also changes the audit status from "Scan Complete" to "Closed."
  4. Click on x.png Close to close the "Room Audit Details" window.


  • The tags in the "Room Audit Details" window are sorted by "Audit State." The grid is sorted first by "Missing," then "Misplaced," then "Found," then "Verified."
  • "Asset Type" is one of the search fields available. "Asset Types" reflect a tag's component association. They are defined as:
    • Standalone - A tag not assigned to another tag, nor has tags assigned to it
    • Parent - A tag with one or more tags assigned to it
    • Component - A tag assigned to another tag