Room-to-Room Transfer



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Asset Management allows items to be moved from room to room within a site through a process called "Room-to-Room Transfers." Assets located at another site or issued to a student or staff member cannot be transferred through this process but must be transferred using a "Site-to-Site Transfer" or collected to a room using the "Quick Collect" process.

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  4. Room to Room
  1. Click on Room to Room, located in the "Site Tools Quick Links" menu. The "Room to Room" window opens.


  1. Enter/scan the Room Number where the item will be moved. If you manually enter the number, click on down.png Next or press the Enter key on your keyboard to proceed to the next field. OR, click on search.png Search to find and select the appropriate "Room."
  2. If multiple tags are being moved to the same room, select the lock.png Lock icon on the respective field(s). This allows you to scan tag numbers without entering redundant information for each tag.
  3. Select the status of the item being moved using the Status drop-down menu.
  4. (Optional) Click on lock.png Lock/Unlock to lock the status.
  5. Enter/scan the tag number into the Tag field. If you manually enter the number, click on
    save2.png Save to add this item to the selected room.
  6. Continue to scan or enter tag numbers until all items have been moved to the selected room. If desired, you can unlock and change the Room field and/or change the Status field before entering another tag. Unless changed, those fields retain the original settings from steps 2 and 3.
  7. Click on done.png Done to close the "Room to Room" window.


  • If the tag(s) added to the "Room-to-Room Transfer" are an "Asset Type" of "Component" or "Parent," an additional warning screen will display to verify the transaction. Review "Components Overview" for more details.
  • If the tag searched for is not found, located at another site, or issued to a person, a message will be displayed.