Staff Transaction Receipt



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"Staff" are the employees to which an item is issued within a site. The "Staff Transaction Receipt" provides, in PDF format, a listing of all products and their respective tag numbers issued to a particular staff member.

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View Staff Transaction Receipt

This report provides "Staff Name," "Address," "Site," "Date Printed," "Product Name," "Product ID," "Tag Number," "Serial Number," "Status," "Issued Date," "Returned Date," "Value," and "Accessory Information" (including quantity, name, value, and if it must be returned).

Pro Tip: The receipt has room at the top of the page to accommodate letterhead. If the receipt is tri-folded in a "Z" fold, the staff member's name and address will be positioned correctly to be visible within a number 10 window envelope.
  1. Click on staff.png Staff, located in the top navigation bar.
  2. Filter for the respective staff member for whom you wish to print a receipt.
  3. Click on scroll.png View Transaction Receipt, located in the respective staff member's row under the "Actions" column. The "Transaction Receipt Report" window opens.
  4. Review the print window.
  5. Click on the PDF reader's print icon.
  6. Click Print.
  7. Click on x.png Close to close the "Transaction Receipt Report" window.