Assign Staff to Multiple Homerooms



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Staff members may instruct in several locations in a building. Staff members can be assigned to multiple homerooms using the "Staff" tab.

  1.  Navigation:
  2. Site View
  3. Rooms


  • When the staff member is assigned to a homeroom, the "Staff Assigned" column increases by 1.

  • Staff members are removed or reassigned using the remove.pngRemove Staff and reassign.png Reassign Staff actions in the "Actions" column.

  1. Click on rooms.png Rooms, located in the top navigation bar.
  2. Filter to find the respective room.
  3. Click on the respective row to expand the grid.
  4. Click the Staff tab.
  5. Enter/scan the Staff ID in the Staff ID field or click search.png Search to find and select the appropriate staff member.
    • If you enter/scan the number, click on down.png Next to proceed to the next field.
      The staff member is added to the "Staff" grid.
    • If you search.png Search for the staff member, the "Staff Room Assignment" window opens.
      Click Select in the respective staff member’s row. The window refreshes and adds the staff member to the "Staff" grid.