Mobile Site Overview



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The Mobile Site View allows ease of use when accessing your Asset Management data using a smart/mobile device. When accessing the Asset Management login screen using your smart/mobile device's browser window, enable the Mobile Site View by clicking on Mobile Site (located beneath the Log On button).

Mobile Site Functionality

"Room Audits" are available in the Mobile Site View of Asset Management. An "Audit" allows a site to scan all tags in a room and quickly identify missing items, misplaced items, and where those misplaced items should be located.

Function Description
Create New Audit Allows a user to add an audit to this room
Back Displays the previous Mobile Site screen viewed
Date Displays the date the audit was created
Audit By Displays the login name of the user who created the audit
Status Status of the audit ("New," "In Progress," "Finalized," and "Closed")
Inventory Displays the inventory count of the tags expected to be in the room
Audit Count Displays the count of tags entered during the room audit
Tag Displays the tag numbers identified in the respective room audit ("Expected" and "Misplaced")
Product Name of the product
State Displays the respective audit tag state ("Missing," "Misplaced," and "Verified")
Finalize Ends and locks the respective audit from additional tag entries (also changes the audit status to "Finalized")
Log Off Logs the user out of the Mobile Site View and returns them to the Asset Management login screen