Notating Missing/Misplaced Assets During an Audit



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Administrators reconcile tag audit results for "Missing" or "Misplaced" items. The site level does not have control of the reconcile process for administrative-created audits. For this reason, the site can share specific information with the district concerning one or more tags located within "Scan Complete" room audits. The district can utilize these notes when reconciling "Missing" or " Misplaced" tags.

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  2. Site View
  3. Audits

"Tag Audit Notes" are displayed both in the admin view and site view. However, tags without audit notes do not display the auditnotes.png "Audit Notes" icon. Once a room audit is in the status of "Closed," "Audit Notes" is no longer available.

  1. Click on audits.png Audits, located in the top navigation bar.
  2. Click on View Site Audits in the "Audits" menu.

  1. Filter filters.png for the respective site audit.
  2. Click on auditdetail.png District Audit Details, located under the "Actions" column in the audit's row. This opens the "District Audit Details" window.
  3. Search for the respective room audit in the status of "Scan Complete."
  4. Click on auditdetail.png Audit Details, located under the "Actions" column on the room audit's row. The "Room Audit Details" window opens.


  1. Locate the "Missing" or "Misplaced" tag.
  2. Click on auditnotes.png Audit Notes, located under the "Actions" column in the tag's row. The "Audit Notes" window opens.
  3. Enter notes.
  4. Click OK. The "Audit Notes" window closes.