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Edit a Site-to-Site Warehouse Transfer

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Prior to shipping a transfer, the assigned driver can edit the transfer in two ways. They can "Edit Transfer inventory" within the transfer by adding/removing containers and tags. The driver can also "Delay Delivery" by reassigning the established delivery date (today or a future date).

  1. Click on Initiate Transfer, located in the "Transfer Tools Quick Links" menu. The "Initiate Transfer" window opens.
  2. Under the "Existing Transfer" grid, search for the respective transfer.
  3. Click on Select in the respective transfer’s row. The window refreshes and displays the transfer details.
  4. Click on edit.png Edit Transfer in the "Actions" section.
    1. Perform one or more of the following actions:
      1. Enter the container number in the Container field to add a container(s) to the transfer.
      2. Enter the tag number in the Tag field to add a tag(s) to the transfer.
      3. Click on delete.png Remove for the respective container or tag row to remove the item from the transfer.
      4. Edit a container’s inventory using auditdetail.png View Container Inventory Details and its respective controls.
  5. Click on delayed_24.png Delay Transfer in the "Actions" section to reassign the established driver and/or delivery date (using today’s date or a future date).
  6. When edits are complete, click on approve.png Submit Edit.
  7. Click on x.png Close to close the "Initiate Transfer" window.