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Issue to Student Account

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"Students" are individuals at a site who may have an issued item.

  1. Click on student.png Students, located in the top navigation bar.
  2. Filter for the respective student.
  3. Click on issue.png Issue Inventory to Student, located in the respective student's row under the "Actions" column. The "Issue Inventory" window opens.


  1. Enter the tag number in the Tag field.
  2. Click on save2.png Save. This updates the "Current Inventory" grid (displaying all tags issued to this student).
  3. If the issued device includes accessories, it will be indicated with the accessories.png Accessories icon to the left of the asset in the "Current Inventory" grid. Click the icon to change the quantity issued.
  4. If a "Transaction Receipt" is desired for this transaction, select "Today’s Transaction Receipt" from the Please Select Inventory Report drop-down menu above the "Current Inventory" grid.
  5. Click on done.png Done to close the "Issue Inventory" window.


  • "Today’s Transaction Receipt" only displays the items that have been issued or collected today. All other items on the student’s account, including those items issued or collected today, are available on the "Full Transaction Receipt."
  • If the tag(s) issued to the student are an "Asset Type" of "Component" or "Parent," an additional warning screen will display to verify the transaction. Review "Components Overview" for more details.