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With the Bulk Charge window, you can submit a single charge to multiple students at once. This is a great way to assess an annual acceptable use policy for those 1:1 programs, or issue an annual deposit for device use.

Bulk charges are applied to every student listed in the Students grid. To apply the charge to a subset of students (for example, 8th graders), filter the records in the Students grid prior to applying the charge. 

  1. On the top navigation bar, click student.gif Students.
  2. Filter for the respective student.
  3. Above the blue grid header, click Charges.gif Bulk Charge. The Bulk Charge window opens.
  4. Select a charge type from the Charge Type drop-down menu. The Charge Amount auto-populates.
  5. Enter any respective notes regarding this charge into the Charge Notes field (optional).
  6. Enter information in the Payment Information section, as needed.
  7. Click Go.gif GO. The Bulk Charge Confirmation window opens.
  8. In the Confirmation field, enter Charge.
  9. Click Confirm.
  10. Click OK.
  11. Click close.png Close to close the Bulk Charge window.