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"Parts Management" allows districts to manage and track in Asset Management untagged consumable items at each site.

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The "Parts Management" feature follows similar permissions, based on view and editing options, as the "Product Catalog."

User view and role determine access and editing opportunities in the "Parts" area. "Site View" users can see and access "Parts" that are allocated to the site they are currently on, and the full "Parts Catalog" based on their permissions. "Site View" users with appropriate permissions can add/edit "Parts." "Parts" fields include: "Part Number," "Part Name," "Part Type," "Part Area," "Quantity," "Cost," and "Minimum Stock" for the site.

Parts must exist in the "Parts Catalog" and be associated to a site prior to associating those parts to existing products from the "Product Catalog." "Site" users with the appropriate permissions may add/edit "Parts" and make "Product" associations as needed. Users in the "Admin View" can make individual and bulk site association to the "Parts Catalog" (see "User Roles," "Limit Permissions for a Site User," and "District Settings: User Role Settings").

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Using Parts Management

  1. Click on Catalog in the top navigation.


  1. Select Parts. The "Parts" window opens.


  • When the quantity numbers appear in red, it is an indicator that the quantity has fallen below the minimum stock required by the district.
  • Save changes frequently, all unsaved changes will be lost. If navigate away from the grid, change a filter, or hit refresh, all work will be lost.
  • An unsaved changes alert displays in red reminding users “You have unsaved changes. Any unsaved changes will be lost.”


  • Selecting Show Full Parts Catalog will display the full district Parts Catalog. Users can see if a part is in the District Catalog. Users may need to contact the District Coordinator to have part assigned to their site.


Add New Part Record

"Parts" are entered directly into the grid. "Site" users with required permissions can Add Record (a part) to a site and update the quantity and/or the minimum stock within the field on the grid.

The "Quantity" for a part can be updated if the user has the permission. The "Part Type" and "Part Area" are drop-down menus created by users who have permission to add and edit parts. These permissions managed in "District View" (see "District Settings: User Role Settings").

  1. Click Add Record. The record opens within the grid.


  1. Enter the applicable field information.
  2. Use the drop-down menus for Part Type and Part Area.
    1. Select the Green Plus Sign to add a new option (permissions-based action).


  1. Click on the field name or press Enter on your keyboard to save field data.
  2. Select Save Changes routinely to save record entries.
  3. Cancel Changes to clear data that has not been saved.

Part Details

Selecting a part allows a user to view details for the respective part.

Products Tab

The Products tab displays each product's information, allows for product association to a part, and displays part and product associations.

Selecting a product allows a user to view details for the respective product as entered into the "Product Catalog."

"Site" users with appropriate permissions can "Assign Products" to parts. Users can see specific product assignment.


  1. Click on Assign Products.
  2. A modal opens allowing the user to search the current site's "Product Catalog."
    • Search by name, number, manufacturer, and/or type.


  1. Select checkbox(es) next to the products you wish to associate.


  1. Click Save to keep your changes or Cancel to reject them.

Inventory History Tab

With every change made to inventory quantities, the Inventory History tab tracks the date, user, site name, quantity adjustment, and final quantity of the part.


  • The Inventory History tab tracks the "Date," "User" (first and last name), "Site Name," "Quantity Adjustment," and "Final Quantity of the Part."
  • Negative adjustments are indicated in red and with a negative (-) sign.
  • Positive adjustments are indicated in green.

Update Parts Inventory

If the part the site user is looking for does not have inventory or has not been associated to the site, the user can click on the Show Full Parts Catalog button.

Adding a part and/or updating quantities is permissions based: Users can update the quantity and/or the minimum stock for the respective site if they have the proper permissions.

Other Considerations

  • All parts must be added manually. There is no way for untagged items to be converted to parts or Excel spreadsheets to be moved over.
  • "Minimum Stock," "Cost," and "Quantity" searches are dependent on the user clicking away from the box after pressing Enter. The user can click anywhere outside of the search box.
  • Special characters are not searchable.