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"Tag Search" is available in the top navigation bar. It allows a user to search for a specific tag or an item's serial number (a minimum of 3 digits are required), review tag details, and edit tag-specific information. To edit the attributes of a tag, review "Edit a Tag."

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Tag Lifecycle Report

This report, in XLS format, provides all events associated with a tag’s life within Asset Management. The user filters the tags by "Status History," "Audit History," and "Date Range." This report includes "Event Date," "Event User," "Event Name," "Tag Status," "Tag Site Update," "Tag Location," and "Event Details."

  1. Click within the Tag/Serial search field, located in the top navigation bar.


  1. Enter/scan the tag number (it can be made up of alpha and/or numeric characters).
  2. Click on search.png Search or press the Enter key on your keyboard. The "Tag Information" window opens and displays the tag details.
  3. Click on the Select Action drop-down menu, located in the upper right corner of the "Tag Information" window.
  4. Select the respective location under the "--- View Report ---" menu subcategory. The "Tag Lifecycle" window or "Tag Lifecycle Report Filter" window opens.
  5. Uncheck Include Status History and/or Include Audit History to remove data. The default is to include status and audit history.
  6. Click on Select Date Range To to specify the date range. The current date is the default date.
Note: For the "Custom Date" selection, click on the calendar.pngCalendar Control icons next to the Start Date and End Date fields to change the date.
  1. Click on go.pngGO.
  2. If prompted “Do you want to open or save LifecycleReport.csv ...", click on Open. The "Tag Lifecycle Report" opens within Microsoft Excel.
  3. Click on close.png Close to close the "Tag Lifecycle Report Filter" window.
  4. Click on close.png Close to close the "Tag Information" window.