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13.3 Enhancements for Asset Management (TIPWeb-IT)

Frontline Education is pleased to announce the latest enhancements for Asset Management (formerly TIPWeb-IT), which includes a "Translation Location Field" in the "Status Lifecycle Report."

Details and Notes

Release Date: December 12, 2023

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Status Lifecycle Report: Transaction Location Field

The "Status Lifecycle Report" provides a listing, in CSV format, of the tags displayed within the "Tags" grid, showing every time each tag was in a particular status. The user selects the desired "Status" and "Date Range" within the "Status Lifecycle Report" window. This report includes "Selected Status," "Status Notes," "Origin Site," "Transaction Location" ("Room," "Staff," "Student"), "Scan Date," "Scan By," and any of the columns displayed in the "Tags" grid.

Navigation to Status Lifecycle Report

To navigate to the "Status Lifecycle Report," choose Tags in the top navigation menu.


Populate the "Tags" grid with the tags on which you would like to report. If you would like all tags to be reported on, choose All items checked for the "Site Name" drop-down, and click GO.

Once the results populate in the "Tags" grid, navigate to the "Select Report" drop-down and choose Status Lifecycle Report.

tags grid.png

Once the “Status Lifecycle Report” has been selected, a pop-up appears. The pop-up allows you to customize the report based on "Status" and "Date Range."


Only one status can be selected from the drop-down. After the "Status" is selected, the date range can be selected ("Today," "Yesterday," "Last 7 Days," "Last 30 Days," "Last 60 Days," "Last 90 Days," "Last Year," "Last 2 Years," "Last 5 Years," "Last 10 Years," and "Custom Range".) When "Custom Range" is selected, the calendar can be used to choose the date or the date range can be manually typed in. After "Status" and "Date Range" have been selected, click GO to download the report or the Refresh button to start over.

popup filters.png

From the results populated in the "Tags" grid and your selections in the pop-up, your report will generate and be downloaded as a CSV file.

excel report.png

The report includes the following fields:

  • Selected Status - The status you selected from the drop-down.
  • Status Notes - Any notes that were added when the status was changed.
  • Origin Site - Where the status was changed.
  • Transaction Location – The location ("Room," "Staff," or "Student") where the change was made.
  • Scan Date - The date the status was changed.
  • Scan By - Who made the status change.
  • Tag - What tag was altered.
  • Serial - The serial of the tag.
  • Product Number - The product number of the altered tag.
  • Product Name - The product name of the altered tag.
  • Manufacturer - The vendor who made the altered tag.
  • Product Type - The custom product type that was selected for the altered tag.
  • Asset Condition - System field that can be entered for the user to understand the condition of the asset.
  • Site Name - The site where the tag currently is located.
  • Location - The location (room, staff, or student) the asset currently is located.
  • Asset Type - This shows whether the asset is a "Standalone," "Component," or "Parent" tag.
  • Status - The current status of the asset.
  • Vendor - Which vendor supplied the asset.
  • Funding Source - A field that is populated by the district using their own funding source information.
  • Grade - The location for the grade of the asset.
  • Location ID – The ID number for staff ID, student ID, or room ID.

Transaction Location Addition

"Transaction Location" has been added to the report as an additional field. The "Transaction Location" shows where the asset was during the change in status, which is different from the "Location" field that shows where the asset currently is.

The addition of the "Transaction Location" allows users to better answer federal and state audit requests.

transaction location.png

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