Audit Reconciliation



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When conducting official audits, the district level will initiate and reconcile the audit, while the site level will conduct (scan tags) the audit. The reconciliation process begins once a site audit has been Finalized (all scanning is complete and the site has located as many assets as possible). No action is taken against tags in the state of Found or Verified.

Reconciliation of an audit will be faster and easier if the planning stage of the audit addresses all action that will be taken against tags in the state of Misplaced or Missing once the site audit has been Finalized. Your tags will be in the following states:

  • Misplaced
    • Tags located on sites not expected to be on that site
    • Tags located in a different room than expected
    • Tags issued to students
    • Tags issued to staff
  • Missing
    • Tags not scanned during the audit

The Reconcile Audits grid allows the filtering of tags in different locations and different states to allow you to view assets in a way that makes reconciliation easier. For example, if you know you will be collecting all assets scanned in a different SITE than expected to the site they were scanned – you can filter based on the criteria and use the BULK reconcile wizard to collect them in one action. Utilizing the filtering to organize tags allows the district level user to quickly reconcile using both individual and bulk reconciliation.


Check out our related video - Reconciling Your Audit (58:19) - for a complete overview of the reconciliation process.