Audit Checklist



None assigned

Use the following printable checklist to complete the phases of your audit.


  • Strategic planning
  • Define scope of work
  • Communication plan
  • Compile resources
  • Rooms: entered and assigned a type
  • Check for unreconciled (i.e., site-created room audits, or district-created site audits)
  • Complete site-to-site transfers

Creating the Audit

  • Make audit name descriptive
  • Identify the sites to be audited during the same date/time block
    • Create single audits or batch audits under a single audit name
  • Identify product type(s), room type(s), staff type(s), and grades to be targeting in the audit
  • Decide if it's necessary to ignore tags modified after a certain date
  • Determine if the audit should be restricted

Reconciling Data

Audits should not be approved until all audits created at a given time are complete. This allows misplaced tags to be located.
  • Review any site-created audit notes
  • Reconcile any staff or student audits
  • Reconcile missing tags to a status of "Lost" 1
  • Review all misplaced tags 1
    • Site-to-Site Misplaced: consider if collection is appropriate
    • Room-to-Room Misplaced: collect to their audit location


  • View audit detail report
  • Tag listing report


1 Parent and/or component tags cannot be "Bulk" reconciled