Best Practices for Closing Old Audits



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If you are attempting to open an audit and are receiving an error that there are audits opened for the sites/tags in question, walk through the following steps to check for issues.


Check out our related video - Closing Out Unwanted Audits (9:06) - as you review this topic.

  • Check that all sites have completed their asset scanning and have approved all audits.
  • Move all audits to the reconciliation state.
  • In the reconciliation grid, filter your tag audit state by "Misplaced" or "Missing" to filter tags needing to be reconciled.
  • In the reconciliation grid, reconcile missing tags in bulk:
    • Filter tag audit state: "Missing"
    • Select Go.
    • Check all assets under second blue grid header.
    • Select Reconcile to have the "Reconcile Inventory" window appear.
    • Select Location, choose the audit state (for bulk reconcile), and "Desired Action" to be taken upon assets.
    • Select Go.
    Repeat these steps for each audit state and all locations (room, student, staff).
  • Check unreconciled tags to determine if they are in transit status, or on an alternate open audit.
  • Locate tags that are not reconciled and not appearing on the Reconcile Audits page.
    • Navigate to Site > View Site Audit > Open District Audit Details > Filter Status to Scan Complete.
    • Identify any tags that may have been scanned into a different audit.
    • Identify any tags that are on an incomplete Site-to-Site Transfer and still need to be reconciled. (You will need to research these transfers and either cancel or complete them in order to reconcile them on the audit.)