Best Practices for Closing Old Audits



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If you are attempting to open an audit and are receiving an error that there are audits opened for the sites/tags in question, walk through the following steps to check for issues.

  • Check that all audits have completed their asset scanning and have approved all audits.
  • Move all audits to the reconciliation state.
  • In the reconciliation grid, filter your tag audit state by "Misplaced" or "Missing" to filter tags needing to be reconciled.
  • In the reconciliation grid, reconcile missing tags in bulk:
    1. Filter tag audit state: "Missing"
    2. Select "Go".
    3. Check all assets under second blue grid header.
    4. Select "Reconcile" to have the Reconcile Inventory window appear.
    5. Select "Location," and choose the audit state (for bulk reconcile), and "Desired Action" to be taken upon assets.
    6. Select "GO".
    NOTE: Repeat these steps for each audit state and all locations (room, student, staff).
  • Check unreconciled tags to determine if they are in transit status, or on an alternate open audit.
  • Locate tags that are not reconciled and not appearing on the Reconcile Audits page.
    1. Navigate to Site > View Site Audit > Open District Audit Details > Filter Status to Scan Complete.
    2. Identify any tags that may have been scanned into a different audit.
    3. Identify any tags that are on a "transfer to research" and still needs to be reconciled.