Frontline Inventory & Help Desk Management

Approving a Site Audit

Audits must be in the status of Approved before reconciling tag audit states. The site has the ability to edit a room audit and all of the respective tags within the room audit while it is in the status of New or In Progress. Finalizing the audit prevents sites from editing the audit details after the district established deadline has passed.


  1. In the top navigation bar, click View Site Audits in the Audits menu.    
  2. Search for the desired district created site audit using the filters.
  3. Click on Finalize.gif Finalize Audits, located on the respective site audit’s row under the Actions column.
  4. The Finalize Audits Confirmation window opens. If you wish to Finalize Audits for the respective site audit, click OK.

Pro Tip:

Only approve audit after all rooms, staff, or student audits are complete and site edits have been made.