Adding a Custom Field to a Product in the Catalog



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Asset Management allows you to create up to four custom fields. The custom field created for the respective product type allows you to denote specific information per tag.

For example, you may wish to know the operating system installed on each desktop computer, or you may wish to track which of your laptops is instructional or non-instructional.

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Asset Management allows you to remove a custom field for a particular product type up until the point a tag has been issued using the respective product type.

When you click on edit.png Edit for the product type, if a delete.png Delete icon appears to the right of the previously created custom field, you may delete the custom field. If the delete.pngDelete icon is not present, a tag has already been issued using this product type and the custom field may now contain data. Therefore, you can no longer delete it.

Add a Custom Field to a Product Type


Check out our related video -  Adding a Custom Field to the Catalog (2:08) - as you review this topic.

  1. Click on catalog.png Catalog, located in the top navigation bar.
  2. Click on Product Types under "Management Quick Links." The "Manage Product Type" window opens.
  3. Search for the product type.
  4. Click on edit.png Edit next to the product.
  5. Under Add Custom Field, enter the name in the Field Name box.
  6. Select the data type from the Field Type drop-down menu.
  7. Select the Required Field checkbox to make the custom field required each time a tag is issued for this product type (optional).
  8. Click on save.png Add Custom Field.
  9. To add an additional custom field to this product type, repeat steps 5 through 8.
  10. Click on x.png Close to close the "Manage Product Types" window.