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After creating an Asset Management purchase order, adding the respective product(s) to the purchase order, and receiving the item(s) from a vendor, Asset Management allows you to ship those item(s) to a site or multiple sites. Products must be received before they can be assigned/shipped to sites.

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Note: A purchase order will remain in the status of "Open" until the district-level administrator changes the purchase order status to "Closed." Products can be added to an "Open" purchase order indefinitely.

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Ship Product(s) to a Site

This process requires administrator-level credentials. Creating an Asset Management purchase order requires the products and vendors, respective to the purchase order, to pre-exist in your Asset Management data.

Pro Tip: A printed product catalog will allow you to utilize a scanner during this process to identify and quickly scan the product number.
  1. Click on receive.png Purchasing, located in the top navigation bar.
  2. Filter the "Purchasing" grid to locate the respective purchase order.
  3. Click on the respective purchase order's row. The grid expands.
  4. In the Products tab, locate the respective product to ship.
  5. Click on ship.png Ship to Site. The "Shipping Management" window opens.
  6. Enter the Site ID into the Site field (typing in the number requires clicking on down.png Next). OR, click on search.png Search to select the Site ID.
  7. Enter the invoice number in the Invoice Number field.
  8. Click on cal2.png Open the calendar popup to set the Invoice Date.
  9. Enter the quantity to ship in the Quantity field.
  10. Click on save2.png Save. The "Shipping Management" grid updates.
  11. To enter shipping quantities for other sites respective to this purchase order's selected product, repeat steps 6 through 10.
  12. Click on pickticket.png Process Print Ticket on the respective shipment's row. The shipping status changes to "In Transit."
  13. Click on reprintpick.png Print Ticket to generate the PDF.

Closing Out a Purchase Order

A purchase order can be closed without processing all the products within it. Existing products can still be edited, received from a vendor, and shipped/received. Changing to a status of "Closed" prevents the addition of products and the ability to edit purchase order details. Once closed, a purchase order can only be reopened by the administrative level.

"Invoice Number" and "Invoice Date" are optional fields. When the information is saved in the "Shipping Management" window, any data in those two fields will be associated with assets scanned as part of the purchase order. The invoice number and invoice date will show up on the funding information for the tags and on the purchasing ticket.

Invoice numbers can be edited at any time through the "Edit" function.