Ship Product to a Site



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After creating a TIPWeb-IT purchase order, adding the respective products to the purchase order, and receiving the items from a vendor, TIPWeb-IT allows you to ship those items to a site or multiple sites. Products must be received before they can be assigned/shipped to sites.

How to Ship Products to a Site

This process requires a district level administrator credentials. A purchase order must have been created with products assigned to it that have been received from a vendor.

A printed product catalog will allow you to utilize a scanner during this process to identify and quickly scan the product number.

  1. Choose Purchasing in the navigation bar.
  2. Filter the Purchasing grid to locate and select the desired purchase order.
  3. In the Products tab, located and select the desired product to ship.
  4. Click Ship to Site to open the Shipping Management window.
  5. Enter the Site ID into the Site field, or use the Search field to select the Site ID.
  6. Enter the invoice number in the Invoice Number field. 1
  7. Select and input the Invoice Date. 1
  8. Enter the quantity to ship in the Quantity field.
  9. Click Save to update the Shipping Management window.
  10. If applicable, repeat steps 5 through 9 for shipping quantities to other sites respective to this purchase order.
  11. In a shipment's row, click on Process Purchasing Ticket to change the shipment status to In Transit.
  12. Choose Print Purchasing Ticket to generate and print a PDF record.

Closing Out a Purchase Order

A Purchase Order will remain in the status of Open until the district level administrator changes the purchase order status to Closed. This means products can be added to an Open purchase order indefinitely. A purchase order can be closed without processing all of the products within it. This does not effect editing, receiving from a vendor, shipping, and/or receiving for a site for existing products in the closed purchase order. It merely locks the purchase order, preventing the addition of additional products and removing the ability to edit the details of the purchase order.

Once closed, a purchase order has to be reopened by the administrative level.


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