Troubleshooting Validation Errors During Import



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Errors when importing a purchase order template can be caused by numerous issues in the data of the import file. The follow are common errors and their solutions.

  A Line Item Doesn't Exist In the Import


Check for blank data at the ends of the import preview. Blank data could be related to phantom data in the spreadsheet. Blank data should be deleted from the spreadsheet and re-imported.

  Invalid Product Number/Name


Check that the product number exists and is active in the catalog. Check that the product name exists and is written exactly as it exists in the catalog.

It is a best practice to use product number versus product name as it reduces room for human error and typos.

  Invalid Room Number


Check that both Site ID and Room exists in the site importing the data. The import file must include the Site ID – not the Site Name – and the room must exist on the import file exactly how it is written in Asset Management.

  Invalid Order Number


Check that the user has created the Purchase Order shell in purchasing. The Purchase Order shell must exist in Asset Management prior to being uploaded.