Creating a Report to See Student Inventory



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When you begin to prepare for end-of-year, you need an accurate list of which student has what inventory. The following guide will help you create a report to see student inventory.

 Access & Visibility: Site Admins can use this feature.

In Site View, you can use filter students in the Student Grid and use the Student Inventory Status to export a report. This report provides a listing of the students, the items issued to them, and the respective details of those items.

  1. Under Site View, view the Student Grid.
  2. Filter students for specific data set (i.e., homeroom or grade level).
  3. In Student Report Drop Down, choose Student Inventory Status.
  4. Choose status of inventory for report.
  5. Choose a date range if desired.
  6. Export the report in CSV format, which can be viewed in a spreadsheet application.