Working with Ticket Templates



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Ticket Templates are forms created to gather information from the user about different problem types.


Check out our related video - Ticket Templates (5:46) - as you review this topic.

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Edit the Default Template


To edit the fields in the Default template:

  1. Click the edit icon.
  2. Choose the fields and format for the Default Template.
  3. Click the Update button to make the changes.

Creating a Custom Template

Custom templates can be created to meet specific needs.


  1. Click the Create Template option.
  2. Provide a name for the template and associate it with a problem type.
  3. Add custom fields from the left column by dragging into template on the right column.
  4. Remove unwanted fields in right column. (Fields with red band cannot be removed).
  5. Add fields that for Tech View only in lower right hand column.  These fields will not be seen by user portal.
  6. Use the check box to indicate required fields for the custom template.
  7. Click the Update button to make the changes.

Certain fields offer options for customizing additional properties. The Priority Field option allows a default priority to be set upon template creation. The Assigned to Field option activates Automatic Ticketing Routing for tickets with assigned problem types.

Customizing field order will only apply to Technician view of creating a ticket.

Editing Templates

You may edit a templates name and problem type by selecting Edit Details. To adjust the fields and formats of a template, choose Edit Form.