Frontline Inventory & Help Desk Management

All Fields Overview

Every ticket in Help Desk contains a collection of fields both for help desk and an inventory management system. The system communicates these fields directly to the user via the Field Management page, found in Admin Settings. This means only Service Admins have access to this data.

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Check out our related video -  Field Management: All Fields Overview (1:26) - as you review this topic.

The following field types are available in Field Management:

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Custom Fields

Service Admins have the capability to add/edit custom fields pertinent to the district's processes.

Custom Fields are customizable fields to track and group relative types of data. Admins may decide Field Name, Field Type, Field Requirements and Description to display to those viewing a ticket with a custom field applied.


Field Type fields allow for admins to specify types of data allowed in the field when entering a ticket. Field Types include: Integer, Decimal, Text, Checkbox, Date, and Dropdown menu.


 Additional Resources: Create Custom Fields

Help Desk Fields

Help Desk fields are predefined fields for use in ticket templates. These fields are all tracked directly to each ticket in the database:


 Note: Editable fields have an   Edit option, which allows you to designate whether the field is optional or required. Fields used by both Asset Management and Help Desk are non-editable.


Asset Management Fields (Tracked in Help Desk)

Integration with Asset Management provides additional information that can be tracked to a ticket. The collection of Asset Management fields are listed below:

Field Name Description
Product Name The product name of the asset.
Product Type Description of the different types or groups of products (such as laptop, calculator, etc.)
Manufacturer Company which produces the product.
Model Manufacturer’s specific version of the product.
Tag Site The current expected site / campus where the asset is located.
Tag Location The current expected location of the asset. This can be a room, student, staff member, or transfer number.
Tag Status The status of the asset in the Help Desk system.
Tag Number The Tag Number of the asset.
Serial Number Serial Number of the asset.
Site Type Categories used to identify different kinds of sites within your district. Examples include: Elementary, High School, Administration, etc.


Once a ticket template is created, fields can be edited by choosing to Edit Form. Changing the room, site, or tag fields will change the field behavior for ALL templates.