Service Groups



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Through the creation and assignment of service groups, technicians can only view tickets visible to the service groups for which they are members.

Setting Up a Service Group

To add a service group, navigate to the following:

  1. Admin
  2. User Group
  3. Service Groups
  4. Create Group

Complete the following steps to finalize the service group:

  • Define a name and description for the service group.
  • Select the technicians to include in the service group.
  • Connect the problem type(s) that will be restricted to the service group.

Create a Routing Rule

Once the service group has been created, you'll need to add a routing rule to associate the service group with tickets of specific problem types.

To create a routing rule, navigate to the following:

  1. Admin
  2. Ticket Routing
  3. Ticket Creation (tab)
  4. Create Rule

Add the following conditions to the routing rule:

  • Field condition: Problem type
  • Comparison condition: is
  • Parameter for condition: Problem type choice

You can assign the routing rule to a specific technician or service group.

  • Assign to: select a technician, if desired, or choose "unassigned".
  • Assign to Service Group: toggle this option and choose one or more service groups to be associated with this routing rule.

Set Status

In the Set Status To field, toggle the option off.

Things to know

  • Technicians will be restricted by site assignment.
  • The option to Enable service group e-mail notifications must be enabled in Notifications to activate service group email notifications.
  • If the service group is not associated to a ticket, technicians in that service group cannot see the ticket.