Create an Article In Knowledge Base



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Knowledge Base contains articles to help users troubleshoot issues or find instructions for software tasks. This article walks you through the basics of creating a new article in the Knowledge Base.

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  2. Dashboard
  3. Create Article


Check out our related video - Knowledge Base: Create an Article (3:48) - as you review this topic.

Creating an Article


To create an article, click the Create Article option. Be sure to include the following elements:

  • Article Name - the title of the article
  • Category - the category of the article
  • Keywords - aids in keyword searching
  • Summary - article information including images, links or video to help with explanation




An article will not be seen by others until it is published. The following Action options are available:

Role Action
Admin Save draft, publish
Technician Save draft, submit for approval

Click the Create button to finish creating the article.