Creating Ticket Routing Rules



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Rules can be created that route tickets to the appropriate channels upon creation.


Check out this short video -  Ticket Routing (10:44) - in addition to referring to this article.

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Creating a Routing Rule Upon Ticket Creation


  1. Create a routing rule and conditions by clicking Create Rule.
  2. Define a rule name (required) and a description (optional).

Criteria Selection


  1. Create a new condition to direct the routing rule by clicking Add Condition.
  2. In the condition, use the first dropdown field to choose the condition will be based on.
  3. Use the second dropdown field to select the condition requirements (i.e., is, is not, contains, etc.).
  4. In the final field, type in the information for the condition.
  5. Add additional conditions to narrow results. you can specify results by choosing one of the following:
    • All conditions must be valid
    • Only one condition must be valid

Perform Actions


The following are actions that can be performed when a rule is triggered.

  • Assign to (required) - set a ticket to be assigned to a specific technician role. If unassigned, make sure there is a service group assigned (see below) to prevent routing loss.
  • Assign to Service Group - If toggled, allows the assignment of a service group to which a ticket will be routed.
  • Set Status To - options include "Open," "Removed," or "Request Approval."

Complete the rule creation by clicking the Create button. You may edit a rule using the Edit button. Delete a rule using the trash icon. Disable a rule using the toggle.