Problem Types



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Problem Types guide the users to choose the category for the ticket issue.

To create or manage problem types, navigate to the following:

  1. Admin
  2. Field Management
  3. Problem Types

Creating a Problem Type


Use the following steps to create a new problem type:

  1. Begin the creation process by clicking on Create Problem Type.
  2. In the Name field, provide a unique name for the problem type.
  3. In the Description field, enter an optional description of the problem type.
  4. Click the checkbox to hide the problem type from the User Portal.
  5. Click the checkbox to require users and technicians to use the sub-problem type.
  6. Use the dropdown to restrict the problem type to a specific service group.
  7. Upload an image for the problem type by clicking the Browse icon and navigating to the image.
  8. Click the Create button to save the new problem type.

Descriptions for problem types should contain enough information to help the user choose the best applicable problem type for the ticket.

Editing Problem Types


Existing problem types can be editing using the following options:

Icon Usage
View a summary of the problem type details
Edit the problem type details
Deactivate the problem type

Sub-Problem Type


Sub-problem types can be added to problem types by clicking the Add Sub-Problem Types option. Click the Edit option to edit an existing sub-problem type. You can click the Inactivate option to deactivate the sub-problem type.

Only 3 levels of sub-problem types can be added. Sub-problem types cannot be hidden from the User Portal.