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Create a Ticket from Tech Dashboard

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Check out our related video -  Ticket Management: Create a Ticket (5:41) - as you review this topic.

Create a New Ticket 

  1. Click Create Ticket at top of Tech/Admin View to Start a new ticket.  Ticket_creat_a_ticket.GIF
  2. Choose Problem Type for Ticket Ticket_creat_a_ticket_problem_types.GIF
  3. Complete Template Fields

Sample Ticket Fields

These fields may vary depending on Ticket Template.

  • Summary - required field 

  • Priority - Can be set as a Required Field 

  • Description - Required Field

  • Tag Number - Asset tag number from Asset Management
  • Room - Room number 
  • Site - Site name from Asset Management
  • Attachments - Files added to ticket 
  • Assigned To - Technician name, Unassigned or >> Run Automatic Ticket Routing
  • Assign to Me - assigns ticket to person completing form 
  • Assign Service Group - assigns service group to ticket  
  • Add Followers – adds users that can have access to the ticket details and comments for informational purposes 
  • Submitted By - Recommended to reflect name of end user 
  • Submitted by Me - Records person completing form  
  • Options in "Assigned To" and "Submitted By" will trigger email notifications according to settings in Admin > Notifications.
  • Email Notification replies from Followers are not recorded in Ticket Public Comments.