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Service Admins may review and add/edit Users, Roles, and Service Groups within Help Desk under User Management.

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Add/Edit Users Manually  

  • A welcome e-mail is sent to the designated technician/user with a temporary password and instructions to update.

  • A valid e-mail is required to receive a password.  The admin does not set the password of the user for them.

  • Ability to specify the service group(s) for administrative and technician users when adding/editing the user.

Reset Password

  • A reset password e-mail is automatically sent to the user containing a temporary password with instructions to update. 

Create a User

  1. Click the dropdown menu on the upper right of the Dashboard
  1. Select User Management, then All Users.
  1. Select above the users grid on the right. Complete the fields to define your new user.

Username:  required field, must be unique.

First Name: required field

Middle Name: optional field

Last Name: required field

E-Mail: required field, must be unique

Phone Number: optional field

User Type: required field

    • User: site or district user that will submit tickets for their own issues.

    • Service Technician: site or district technician that will submit tickets for their own issues and/or the issues of others.  Technicians will be assigned tickets and possibly create/edit knowledge base articles as well as run reports.  Technicians can be limited to viewing tickets at specific sites or tickets involving specific Problem Types as well as have specific roles assigned in how they interact with assigned tickets. 

    • Service Admin: district level user that will configure Help Desk to work in the districts environment, assign and be assigned tickets, create/edit knowledge base articles and report on data collected.   

Role: required field

    • Default User Role:  access to User Portal only to submit tickets for assistance.
    • Default Service Technician Role: access to Technician Dashboard at highest level for sites selected during account setup.  Roles can be defined in the User Management>Roles menu to customize a technician role.
    • Default Service Admin Role:  access to the Service Admin Dashboard with highest level of Technician permissions plus full access to the Admin settings menu.

Sites: required field – Service Technician user type only.

    • Once the Service Technician user type is selected a sites list will be made available and the technician is assigned to one or more sites for viewing of tickets.
    • To assign a technician to a site, choose the site or sites from the right and click the arrow to move them to the left.

To assign a technician to a site: 

  1. Click the site(s) from the left Unassigned Sites (ctrl + click to select multiple)
  1. Click the arrow to move the Assigned Sites to the right 
  1. Click Save
Note: If the district has an SSO Integration, the SSO console will be the location to add a user and update passwords for Help Desk. Technicians will be restricted from seeing tickets at sites not assigned to them.