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The All Tickets grid is a table view of system tickets. Visibility of this grid and tickets in this grid can be restricted by Role and Service Group.

  Access & Visibility: This article applies to the Administrator and Technician user type.


Check out our related video -  Ticket Management: All Tickets Grid (8:57) - as you review this topic.

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Customize View

The All Tickets table shows all tickets, both active and inactive. A dropdown above the table allows users to filter between all tickets, active tickets, or inactive tickets. Columns can be sorted by clicking on the column title, or filtered by using the Filter field.



Sort All Tickets table by clicking in blue header above column.  Filter tickets by entering key words in boxes of chosen column under blue header 

Bulk Actions

Tickets can be modified en masse using the Bulk Action Tickets feature. Select multiple tickets using the  checkbox column.


Close - allows the closing of multiple tickets at one time

Assign - allows the assignment of multiple tickets to one tech all at one time

Merge - allows merging of two or more tickets

  1. Select primary ticket to merge other tickets into
  2. Click box to add followers from secondary ticket(s)
  3. Add comments to display in all tickets


Filter Button

The Filter button above the All Tickets table provides additional filtering options and settings.

  • Filter - Choose a field to filter by. Click Apply to show the results, and Save to save the filter as a preset.
  • Columns - Select which columns to show/hide in the All Tickets table.
  • Presets - Once a filter has been saved as a preset, it can be viewed here. Choose a saved preset and click Apply to show the results.

Export to Excel

Export the table contents by clicking on the Export to Excel button at the top right of the table. The resulting download can be viewed in Microsoft Excel or any preferred spreadsheet application.