Dashboard Overview



None assigned

GetHelp Dashboard reflects Unassigned tickets, My tickets and All tickets. 


  • Each Donut Graph represents the number of tickets in the different statuses.   

Ticket Cards: represent the tickets assigned to the person signed in.  The vertical band on each box indicates the status of the ticket.   


  1. Use the   button to reassign ticket from this view.  
  1. Progress through the status of the ticket in the lower right hand corner.  
  1. Click on the subject of the ticket to go the full details screen. 


Sort By: drop down menu above the ticket boxes on the left sets the sorting method.  



Status: drop down menu filters ticket boxes by status. 


Show All Problem Types: drop down box above the ticket boxes to the right sets property type filter. 

Search Field: To search all tickets for a specific key word, enter the word in the search bar in the upper right hand corner of the screen. Additional search criteria include ticket number, asset tag number and asset serial number. 


Create Ticket or Create Article for the knowledge can be accomplished from dashboard with these buttons the Create Ticket or Create Article buttons:  



Best Practices: 

Search for tickets by the following criterial 

  • Ticket number 
  • Tag number 
  • Serial number 
  • Key words